About migrating the rootmail feature to cdk
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About migrating the rootmail feature to cdk

The story of the migration of the opinionated rootmail from superwerker on AWS to cdk and the learnings.

  • Date: 18 Oct, 2023
  • Client: AWS UG Frankfurt
  • Role: Speaker

This talk is about the journey of migrating the rootmail feature into a standalone cdk construct. The challenges, obstacles and solution.

As mentioned in the linked post here 👈

I wanted port the existing superwerker rootmail feature for AWS to cdk.


You can use the construct in your cdk app as follows:

import { Rootmail } from '@mavogel/awscdk-rootmail';
import {
  aws_route53 as r53,
} from 'aws-cdk-lib';
import { Construct } from 'constructs';

export class BoostrapStack extends Stack {
  constructor(scope: Construct, id: string, props: StackProps = {}) {
    super(scope, id, props);

    const domain = 'mycompany.test'

    const hostedZone = r53.HostedZone.fromLookup(this, 'rootmail-parent-hosted-zone', {
      domainName: domain,

    new Rootmail(this, 'rootmail', {
      // 1. a domain you own, registered via Route53 in the SAME account
      domain: domain,
      // 2. so the subdomain will be aws.mycompany.test and
      subdomain: 'aws',
      // wired / delegated  automatically
      wireDNSToHostedZoneID: hostedZone.hostedZoneId,

Next up is a short overview of the architecture:

Blog Architecture

All the lessons learned are documented in the linked blog post 📄 in the slides 🧑‍🏫, also the associated repositories are the following:

Some impressions

Feel free to provide feedback in the form of issues or pull requests. There is also a CONTRIBUTING.md in the repository, which explains it in more detail.