The services I am offering.
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Who am I?

I am a Senior Cloud Architect / Engineer focused on AWS and specialized in Landing Zones. My competencies include solution architectures, DevOps automation and deployment pipelines.

What can I do for you?

Engineering & Architecture

The hard and soft skills: coding and architecting

  • Cloud foundations: setting up your solid foundation in AWS: the Landing Zone 🛬
  • Cloud migrations: Re-architecting and migrations of applications to the cloud 🚚
  • Reviewing your AWS cloud environment with Well-Architected Reviews 📄
  • Modern DevOps practices such as Infrastructure as Code with the CDK, CI/CD, - Observability 🔎
  • Cloud-native software architectures with containers/serverless (Lambda, ECS or EKS) ⚓


Maybe you just started a startup and want advisory for the CTO. I also offer

  • Advisor to your CTO
  • Be your Interim CTO

General guidance for IT folks

I was employed, became freelance, founded a company, made an exit and now founded again.

You can hire / contact me for an inspirational talk or guidance

  • how to move from each stage mentioned above to the next one
  • what are the pitfalls and how you can avoid them
  • my hints what to consider with taxes in Germany

Would you like to know more?

Check out my CV here

Contact me!

Feel free to leave me a message, I will reply within 24 hours